Journalism, Interviews, Etc.


Discussion (audio) on the BBC Green Thinking podcast, discussing climate change and the future of work with Professor Des Fitzgerald and Dr Jane Parry.

Discussion (audio) on the Green New Deal on the podcast The Philosopher and the News with Alexis Papazoglou.

Panel Discussion (video): “Should Private Sector Debt Relief be Part of the Covid Exit Strategy?”, Rebuilding Macroeconomics.

Panel Discussion (audio) on the BBC World Service – on the Green New Deal.

Interview (written) with Scott Jacobsen – Conatus News: Philosophy of Economics

Interview (audio) with David Edmonds – Philosophy 247: “Should We Care About Debt?”

Interview (audio) with Tom O’Brien – From Alpha to Omega: “Money and Power”

Newspaper Articles

“Should there be second referendums? Ask Duke Ellington” – The Conversation (3 April 2017)

“The dirty politics of scapegoating – and why victims are always the harmless, easy targets” – The Conversation (22 November 2016)

“Greece, Honour, and the Ancient Ties of Wergeld” – The Conversation (3 July, 2015)

Policy Notes

My colleague Professor Katherine Hawley and I published a submission to a inquiry into fake news by the UK Parliament’s Culture, Media, and Sport Committee. Find all submissions here.

“The EU Referendum, or Can Britain Be its Best Self” – Binzagr Institute