Journalism, Interviews, Etc.


Discussion (audio) on the Green New Deal on the podcast The Philosopher and the News with Alexis Papazoglou.

Panel Discussion (video): “Should Private Sector Debt Relief be Part of the Covid Exit Strategy?”, Rebuilding Macroeconomics.

Panel Discussion (audio) on the BBC World Service – on the Green New Deal.

Interview (written) with Scott Jacobsen – Conatus News: Philosophy of Economics

Interview (audio) with David Edmonds – Philosophy 247: “Should We Care About Debt?”

Interview (audio) with Tom O’Brien – From Alpha to Omega: “Money and Power”

Newspaper Articles

“Should there be second referendums? Ask Duke Ellington” – The Conversation (3 April 2017)

“The dirty politics of scapegoating – and why victims are always the harmless, easy targets” – The Conversation (22 November 2016)

“Greece, Honour, and the Ancient Ties of Wergeld” – The Conversation (3 July, 2015)

Policy Notes

“The EU Referendum, or Can Britain Be its Best Self” – Binzagr Institute