About Me

MeI am a lecturer in philosophy in the School of Philosophical, Anthropological, and Film Studies at the University of St. Andrews. My staff site is here.

My research focusses on early modern rationalism – particularly the philosophy of Spinoza. I am interested in Spinoza’s relationship to his contemporaries in the Dutch Republic, and have published one book on this topic. I am also interested in British Idealist readings of Spinoza. One thing Spinoza and the British Idealists have in common (and which distinguishes them from most other philosophers) is the view that there is a very direct connection between highly abstract questions of logic and metaphysics and matters of immediate ethical and social importance.

I also work on the philosophy of economics and have published a book examining the concept of debt from the perspective of language, history, and political economy.

I am a member of the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs and a  Research Scholar at the Binzagr Institute for Sustainable Policy.


I have recently begun a series of interviews with Conatus News – the material will be available here.

My colleague Professor Katherine Hawley and I recently published a submission to a inquiry into fake news by the UK Parliament’s Culture, Media, and Sport Committee. Find all submissions here.